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The right cert can be just what you need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. At first glance, this might sound pretty similar to a network specialist. On the physical side, network specialists are also responsible for upgrading the network. This involves performing the upgrade itself, along with testing and evaluating any enhancements to ensure they are the best option, and won’t lead to any change-induced outages. Sign up and we’ll help you connect to the tools, training and perspective you need to meet your learning goals.

Instead, read job descriptions carefully and focus on whether the skills employers require align with yours and whether the salaries they offer meet your needs. Additionally, never assume your network engineering job title accurately communicates what you do, describes the challenges you tackle each day, or illustrates your depth of functional knowledge and experience. Be sure your resume communicates your responsibilities, achievements and hard and soft skills.

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If you don’t use your knowledge in an enterprise productive environment you will definitely lose your skills and keep in mind that no knowledge can replace experience. When I was getting started I would’ve loved to have a mentor to guide me. I would’ve avoided all the pitfalls and traps that are patiently waiting for anyone looking to move up in the IT world –we can’t learn this in college or by earning certs, or even in entry-level roles. Keep in mind that the IT skills gap is expected to keep growing and growing. So, if you follow these steps, soon you’ll be in a prime position to literally get whatever you want as a salary because your skill set will be extremely valuable. The experience you gain in this step will give you the confidence to move to the next one.

how to become a network engineer without working on the help desk

A company or a recruiter plays a notable role in deciding the average base salary for a network engineer. Different companies have different job descriptions and responsibilities, every recruiter has a different financial standing. While earning a degree isn’t always essential to securing a job in network engineering, it puts you at a distinct advantage. Most prospective network engineers earn a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field, like network operations, information systems, or computer engineering.

DevOps Engineering Career Blueprint & Roadmap

In terms of education, many employers require a bachelor’s degree in something like computer science, computer information systems, or computer networking. Even if it’s not a requirement, having any one of the top networking certifications will give you an advantage, which holds true for most IT jobs. Some of us look at the big picture of how networks help us do our jobs, and others look at the details in the connections and data transfers. Network engineers need to see both when they design the systems that keep the world connected. They need a balance of creativity and analytical thinking – neither skill alone can help them build the best data communication network. If you’re creative and detail oriented, a career in network engineering could be for you.

A network architect makes the plans, whereas a network engineer oversees the execution. If you think of a network architect as being similar to a building architect, then the role of a network engineer parallels that of a general contractor at the construction site. A network engineer maintains computer network infrastructure so that users can consistently access the necessary resources and information to perform their jobs. Businesses rely on network engineers to maintain the computer networks that allow users to share resources and work efficiently. Just as no Death Star is complete without a planet-destroying superlaser, no organization can thoroughly decimate its foes without a finely tuned network.

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Try to learn new skills from working with vendors and partner engineers in several projects. If you know what you’re doing, this step is where you really take your skillset to the next level. If you’ve ever tried to get a technical job, you probably know that the number one thing employers look for in a resume is hands-on experience. This way, you can make sure you’re on the right track from the very start of your journey to getting an amazing job and breaking the 6 figure salary mark.

how to become a network engineer without working on the help desk

The working of an operating system, the processes, and everything constitutes a bigger part of learning for a network engineer. Well, no one said that this learning should be completed within a month. The average salary for a network engineer in his/her early career (1-4 years) is ₹307,034 per annum. The average salary for a fresher network engineer (less than 1 year of experience) in India is ₹253,702 per annum.

He would even keep the videos on repeat while he was at work or in the midst of his commute to keep the information always fresh and flowing through his mind to help with retention and learning. The waning hours of the day, checking off support tickets, babysitting laptops, and working through the grey hued workday with a dispassionate weight on your chest. Your stepping stone into the industry has felt far to much like a landing stone and after all this time it’s no longer new and exciting. You know what’s expected of you when working help desk, and you meet it with resignation. The best part is that if you’re feeling down or maybe even lost, you can get plenty of support.

Since traditional IT education focuses on just one area at a time, companies are having to hire someone to manage each area. They spend their time helping with little things instead of working on stuff that can directly translate into big-time promotions. Now, there might be some exceptions here and there, but if you really want to make it far in the industry, help desk engineer you should treat entry-level positions as a means to an end. Sure, it’s great if you’re just starting out and need to get some experience but, expecting to have a lucrative and fulfilling career in it is delusional. We have a dedicated career service team that will work with you in accomplishing landing a job in networking or cyber security.